Welsummer Hatching Eggs

Welsummer Hatching Eggs

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Nature & appearance:
This generally friendly natured bird originating from the Netherlands in the early part of the 20th century makes a stunning addition to any flock. Females generally docile though the males can become a little feisty and protective of their hens during breeding times.

Their plumage, particularly the males, is stunning, the official recognition being that of the ‘red partridge’.

They have a broad deep well filled out body with smooth unfeathered legs.

The cock birds colouration of deep brown/blacks, reds, golds and almost metallic greens, presents itself as a very desirable ‘look the part’ cockerel.

Famed for the colour of their eggs, often said to be the ‘darkest brown’ there is! (this would of course depend on the actual strain acquired)

Classed as a heavy breed, though always active, females weigh in around 2.5kg (5.5lbs), with the males at around 3.25kg (7lbs)

No. of eggs:
The hens are extremely good layers; laying between 160 and 170 a year

Egg size & colour
Medium / Large, Very dark rich terracotta brown coloured eggs


Please contact us to check availability before purchasing

Please allow time for your eggs to rest for a full day in a cool place (around 12 degrees), before incubating.

Whilst we generally have high fertility rates with our eggs, please bear in mind we cannot make any guarantees.

If posting, we do make every effort that all eggs are well packaged, and all will be clearly labelled 'Fragile' (please drop us an email if you require us to post on a particular day).


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