Maran Cuivree - September flock

Maran Cuivree - September flock

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A pretty Copper Black Maran Hybrid, laying approx 220 dark brown eggs per year that are attractive brown in colour, with excellent shell strength.  The Cuivree has distinctive copper chest and neck feathers.

Feather colour: Black with a copper chest and neck
Temperament: friendly
Egg production:  approx 240 eggs per year
Egg shell colour:  deep brown

Buying your birds:
You can simply call into our farm on a Friday and Sunday to have a look or buy birds.  You can also reserve birds through our website for collection from the farm on a Friday and Sunday.  Reservations are made against breed types and not specific birds, so you are still able to choose the birds yourself when you collect.  Making a reservation ensures we keep that number of the chosen breed for you.  Please note our birds always show as 'in-stock' on our website to allow reservations to be made from our current or next flock of birds.  Once we have received your order we will check the stock levels and contact you to confirm their availability.  If you have not placed an order or have not received our confirmation, please contact us before making a special trip to our farm to avoid any possible disappointment.  If any of the birds ordered are not available in the current flock we will let you know when we will next have them and if this is not acceptable then we will issue a full refund of your deposit. 

Covid-19 arrangements:  Please see our general collection and delivery arrangements.  Your hens will be pre-selected and placed in an outdoor run for you to see on your pre-arranged collection time before transferring into a box (supplied by Mantel Farm).


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