Chicken Health Check and Worm Test

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While your hens are staying with us in our 'Chicken Tripper' Boarding pens, why not let us carry out a health check?

A general wellbeing examination will be carried out, including a check of the hens crop, an examination for fleas and lice and signs of being egg bound.

Any beak trimming,  toe trimming and wing clipping will be carried out if required (only with the authorisation of the owner)

Samples will be sent to the laboratory for a worm count test and recommendation will be given upon your return. 

Our wellbeing examination can highlight any problems in your flock or give you peace of mind that all is OK.  
The majority of these common poultry problems are treatable but if left can lead to less than perfect health and a reduction in egg production, so it makes sense to keep a check on the health status in your flock.

This service is only available with a 'chicken tripper' booking.  The fee is per pen of hens, for multiple flocks please book accordingly.

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