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2kg Diatom powder(DE). Diatom is a natural multi-parasite control powder to combat infestations of red mite, lice and fleas.

Use to help to prevent the occurrence of an infestation by regularly scattering a thin layer on the floor and nest boxes of the poultry house.  DE can also be used to directly powder your poultry or as a general supplement by adding to the feed (5% or a healthy sprinkling) acting as an internal parasite killer.

How does it work?
Diatom is made up of millions of microscopic
single cell algae.  These diatom particles are sharp in nature and therefore pierce the protective membrane on parasitical organisms causing them to denature.


Poultry Shield is a very effective treatment for red mite. Removing both mites and eggs. Apply diluted 1-9 thoroughly spraying the house. Concentrating on the ends of the perching rails and in joints in the woodwork.

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