NopexBK Tonic 250ml

NopexBK Tonic 250ml

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NOPEX MAINTAINS HEALTHY ANIMALS, IS SAFE, NATURAL AND EFFECTIVE The Nopex-BK liquid formulation is a general purpose tonic. Used on a regular basis it keeps animals generally healthier and free from infection. With the added benefit of repelling red mite on poultry and various parasites on other animals. Used in the drinking water, supporting the immune system. NopexBK is a new approach to treating red mite: Ancient myth says that garlic extracts help to ward off blood-sucking vampires, and this humble spice has been used for medicinal purposed through history. Dosed on a regular basis poultry absorb this beneficial compound and it acts as a repellent to red mite.

KEEPS ANIMALS IN PEAK CONDITION SUPPORTS IMMUNE FUNCTION PREVENTS PARASITE ATTACK REPELS RED MITE ON POULTRY new technology and a simple bit of chemistry has let a small Sussex based company to the invention and production of a stabilised allicin extract from fresh garlic. Allicin being the active sulphur compound behind the amazing properties of garlic, the amount of deliverable Allicin is much greater than could be gained from feeding large quantities of fresh garlic. Stabilised Allicin is now sold worldwide to the health food and medical sectors and behind its success is a wealth of independent research data demonstrating the product’s antimicrobial and wound healing properties, laboratory tests show that stabilized Allicin is effective against a wide range of microbes. 

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