Spring/Summer Clean Kit for Chickens

Spring/Summer Clean Kit for Chickens

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We have created a cleaning pack to help keep your chickens clean and healthy this spring:

All for just £50.00 saving over 20% on our individual retail price:


Animal Carrier:

A heavy dutty cardboard animal carrier, ideal for transporting  your small animals.  With carry handles and air  holds and a strong triple layer base.

1Ltr Poultry Shield:

A very effective treatement against Red Mite - removing both the eggs and mites, apply diluted 1-9 thoroughly spraying the house

5kg Biodri:

BioDri is a super absorbent powder to extend the life of bedding.  Sprinkle on the flooring of your chicken run.  Ideal for outside runs.

2kg Diatom:

2kg Diatom powder(DE). Diatom is a natural multi-parasite control powder to combat infestations of red mite, lice and fleas.

Use to help to prevent the occurrence of an infestation by regularly scattering a thin layer on the floor and nest boxes of the poultry house.  DE can also be used to directly powder your poultry or as a general supplement by adding to the feed (5% or a healthy sprinkling) acting as an internal parasite killer.

How does it work?
Diatom is made up of millions of microscopic single cell algae.  These diatom particles are sharp in nature and therefore pierce the protective membrane on parasitical organisms causing them to denature.

1Ltr Bi-oo-cyct:

A powerful disinfectant, effective agains endoparasites and also viruses, bacteria, moulds and yeasts.  Deftra approved.

Perch Scraper:

A handy scraper for getting to all the difficulty parts of the hen house

Hand Brush:

A hand brush to sweep away the shaving before applying sprays.

0.75Ltr Sprayer:

 A little sprayer for applying the disinfectant

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