Verm-X Healthy Poultry Pack with Worm Count Kit

Verm-X Healthy Poultry Pack with Worm Count Kit

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Are you concerned about the health of your flock?  

Worm problems can lead to less than perfect health and a reduction in egg production, so it makes sense to keep a check on the parasite status in your flock.

Enclosed in this pack is a faecal egg count kit with full instructions for you to check if your hens are free of intestinal parasites.  Simply scoop up a sample, pop it in the pot provided and send it to Westgate Labs for testing.  This is a free service with no extra cost to you.

Wesgate Labs offer a well established, award winning worm count service

The pack includes:  1 x 250g resealable tube of VermX Herbal Insternal Parsite Control Pellets for Poutlry, Ducks & Fowl.  PLUS: 1 x pack Test your chickens for worms... Worm Testing Kit from Westgate Laboratories


Pellets:  For chickens and Ducks feed 2.5g per bird per day

For geese and Turkeys feed 5g per bird per day

Mix whole or crushed into daily feed ration.  Repeat for 3 consecutive days each and every month.

When introducing Verm X or when necessary, a double course can safely be fed over the 3 days.


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