Verm-X Pellets 250g

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A Natural Control of Intestinal Hygiene for Poultry, Ducks and Fowl.  100% Natural - no artificial chemicals.  Veterinary Approved.  No waste - you can eat your hens eggs whilst your hens are fed their Verm X.

The powerful and effective formulation for supporting intestinal health during periods of challenge.  Verm X is a herbal recipe and therefore not classed as a medicine.

This pack will last 5 birds for 6 months.

For chickens and Ducks feed 2.5g per bird per day

For geese and Turkeys feed 5g per bird per day

Mix whole or crushed into daily feed ration.  Repeat for 3 consecutive days each and every month.

When introducing Verm X or when necessary, a double course can safely be fed over the 3 days.

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